Vision & Proposals

Catalyst & Redrow are committed to providing high quality housing and within an amenable, attractive site that will make a positive contribution to the local area.

The site will deliver 420 high quality homes, including a portion of affordable housing, to contribute towards the housing needs of Hounslow. The site is brownfield land with good access to public transport and local services and is therefore an appropriate location for redevelopment to help meet  housing need.

The high-quality design and use of a considered, refined materials palette will fit within the existing townscape and make a positive contribution to the character of the local area. In particular, Catalyst & Redrow have considered the potential impacts of development on important local heritage sites in the area and have sought to preserve their significance when designing the proposals. We are engaging with Historic England, relevant local groups, and the Council to ensure that the site is sympathetic to the local context.

The site will provide:

  • 420 new homes
  • A substantial proportion of on-site affordable housing
  • 3,700 sqm of commercial floorspace
  • 930 sqm of flexible retail space
  • Car parking and cycle storage in accordance with London Plan standards

To view some indicative sketches of the site, please see below: